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White Fillings

White Fillings

Natural looking dental fillings and restorations are the ideal for patients who are concerned about the appearance of their smile. Metal fillings will show, especially when applied to a front tooth. Using modern composite materials, Dr. M V Cannon creates natural looking and feeling dental fillings which closely match the natural color of your teeth. In addition to looking more natural when you laugh, talk or smile, tooth colored fillings have important advantages over metal amalgam fillings.

  • White composite material bonds more readily to the tooth surface, requiring less removal of tooth structure, which preserves more of the tooth’s strength.
  • Composite fillings do not show when you laugh, talk or smile.
  • Some composite materials, such as certain glass ionomer can be colored to closely match your surrounding teeth.
  • Advanced dental technology has made it possible to deliver small amounts of decay preventing fluoride in the white filling material. This can help prevent recurrent decay in a treated tooth.
  • It is important to note that, in some cases, a metal amalgam filling may still be the most reliable option for your situation. It is important to discuss your options with Dr. Cannon in order to gain a clear understanding of your dental condition.

Replacing Old Metal Fillings With White Fillings

One topic that is often in the news these days is the practice of automatically replacing metal fillings with white composite filling material. Fears about the safety of metal fillings have prompted some people to replace all their metal fillings with tooth colored fillings. Dr. Cannon does not recommend automatic replacement of metal fillings in your teeth. Under certain circumstances, doing so ncan be beneficial. Examples of reasons to replace metal fillings may be:

  • The filling has become damaged, fractured or compromised. Have your metal fillings checked for problems at each dental check-up appointment in order to ensure that they are intact and in good condition.
  • While white fillings are a cosmetic advancement over the traditional metal amalgam, it is not recommended to replace existing metal fillings unless there is a cosmetic concern or a problem with the original filling.
  • Not every metal filling can be replaced with a tooth colored filling without compromising the integrity of the remaining tooth structure.

To find out if white tooth colored fillings are right for you, ask Dr. M V Cannon at your next dental check up.